Hi creative people!


Layer House – the house of artists – is a hub of cultural and social life in the capital of Gorenjska region in Slovenia. It is located in the old town centre of Kranj, next to the defence tower (today a gallery) and close to the Khislstein castle (today a museum). The house and its surroundings have already brought a lot of dynamics into the Tomšič Street, which is slowly tuning into the cultural quarter of old town. Art, music, creativity, education and a pleasant café have a vibrant life here all year round. All these activities are combined into a distinctive whole by a unifying philosophy, a professional and creative approach to the content and its execution, in an honest wish for synergy and a cultural get-together, with a heartfelt dedication to work, an active commitment, a love towards the town of Kranj and a friendly attitude towards people.


Artists and other creative people (bloggers, media researchers, journalists etc.) can temporarily stay and work in our house by participating in artist-in-residence programs and other residency opportunities.


Who is welcome? 
Artists and creative people, working in the field of visual art, new media, printmaking, curatorial, textile art, writing, cultural tourism, DIY, ecology, environment art.
What we offer?
Private Apartment and a Studio, Exhibition space + Abandoned house for artistic use
Other activities happening at the space:
Concerts, Workshops, Presentations, Films, Exhibitions, Cafe, Urvan interventions
Expenses paid by artist:
Travel, housing, supplies, food
Duration of residencies and cost:
1 week = 150 €
Duration depends on the availability.
Mail us for more information: