Festival of Ceramics, Kranj

6th - 20th April 2019




Canyon Adventure: Workshop of clay formation and firing in nature @ Kokra canyon

Saturday, April 6th, 11am -5 pm

Admission: 30 eur/ max 8 persons



Workshop lasts whole day under mentorship of David Almajer from Flamma art studio. First part of workshop consists of collecting clay in the canyon and formation of clay with tools that you can find in the surroundings. Second part is making a kiln out of materials found in the canyon (stones, sand and clay). At the end all the products are fired in the kiln and next day ready to use.


Self-portrait for blind and partially sighted, workshop @Stolp Škrlovec

Monday, April 8th, 10 am -12am

Tuesday, April 16th 10am-12am

Free admission

Apply: (max 7 persons) /  Sponsored by Mutunk project


Participants of the workshop will explore the form and proportions of the face with touching it and later transform that to clay. Self-portraits will be reflections on the intersection between touching and self-awareness. Workshop lasts two days under mentorship of artist Nina Koželj.


Clay sculpturing in the dark, two days workshop @Stolp Škrlovec

Thursday, April 11th, from 5 pm- 7pm

Thursday, April 18th, from 5 pm- 7 pm

Free admission

Apply: (max 7 persons)/ Sponsored by Mutunk project


Workshop of clay sculpturing in the dark will be a special experience, because participants will only use one sense - touch. How we understand form with the touch, how our body transforms form into material, which problems occur along the way and what feelings we get doing that? No skills required. Workshop is lead under mentorship of artist Nina Koželj.


Forest Gallery Brother Dwarf, workshop

Wednesday, April 10th, 11am-3pm @ Bobovek lakes (with invitation)

Saturday, April 13th, from 11am-5pm @ Bobovek lakes (max 7 persons)

Wednesday, April 17th from 11am-3 pm @ Kokra Canyon (with invitation)

Saturday, April 20th, from 11am- 5 pm @Kokra Canyon (max 7 persons)

Free admission

Apply: /Sponsored by Mutunk project


On the workshop each participant will make a sculpture only from natural materials, which he/she will find at tle location itself. The sculptures will be connected with the location as they will remain there and nature will affect them in unpredicted way. Workshop is lead under mentorship of Anna Rosa Tomšič Jacobs, master of painting.


Obvara workshop @Layer house courtyard

Tuesday, April 9th, from 5pm- 8 pm

Saturday, April 13th, from 5pm -8pm

Admission: 30 eur

Apply: rezervacije (max 8 persons)


Obvara is belorussian technique of alternative clay firing, which produces unique effects on the surface of ceramics. It is a two day workshop lead under mentorship of ceramic master Miha Štiglic.


Raku workshop with Atelier Janja Gora (CRO) @Layer house courtyard

Friday, April 12th, from 4 pm-8pm

Admission: 30 eur

Apply: (max 12 persons)


Workshop of making clay products will take place on April 4th, from 5pm- 8 pm in Layer house, under mentorship of David Almajer from Flamma art studio.

Atelier Janja Gora is an international art center from Croatia, which is lead by Daniijela Pešut and Branko Šupica. On Kroginkrog festival they will lead the workshop of raku technique of firing clay products, which is a traditional japanese technique.


Sound-tactile potentials of ceramics, two days workshop @Layer house

Saturday April 13th, from 10 am- 2pm

Sunday, April 14th, from 3pm -7 pm

Free admission

Apply: (max. 7 persons) / Sponsored by Mutunk project


The workshop will focus on exploring sound tactile potentials of ceramics. The characteristics of ceramic have wide perceptible specter, which depends on physical state of material. Raw clay is cold, soft, elastic and smooth. When it’s dried becomes fragile. The sound of raw clay is barely heard, while fired clay has a melodic sound. On the workshop we will produce tactile instruments under mentorship of artist Nika Erjavec.


Clay pottering on a spindle with Živa Slavec

Saturday, April 13th, 10am-5pm @Layer house


There will be 4 workshops of clay pottering on spindles under mentorship of architect and ceramic master Živa Slavec. Each one will last 1 hour.Admission with previous application on is 10 eur, at the workshop 15 eur. For each workshop maximum number of people is 4. Hours of workshops:


11.30am -1.30pm

2 pm-3pm

3.30 pm-4.30 pm


Glazed clay potts

Tuesday, April 16th @Layer house


Workshop of painting clay potts for children with Sara Hostnik Čapelja. Admission: 8 eur/Apply: (max 10 persons)

Workshop of painting clay potts for adults with Anja Slapničar. Admission: 12 eur. Apply: (max 10 persons)


Tea ceremony with Anja Slapničar @ Layer cafe

Friday, April 19th at 7 pm


Anja Slapničar is a contemporary ceramics artist, who explores different types of slovenian clay and use of natural materials. She designs ceramics on a spindle and is a leader of workshops. She is also an expert of eastern ceramics and tea ceremonies. All participants of the workshops, tea fans and ceramics lovers are kindly invited to the tea ceremony!

Capacities are limited, applications on and voluntary contributions are welcome.


Final show of the Kroginkrog festival with culinary delights @Glavni trg

Saturday, April 20th, 10 am - 2 pm / 6 pm-8 pm


We will exhibit all products made during the festival. Together we will paint ceramic products and organize workshops for all passers-by. We will explore the tradiotional tastes of Gorenjska region: podbreška potica, česnova posmudulja and kranjski štruklji. In the late afternoon we will make a high temperature record in a rocket kiln and hang out around (kroginkrog) the fireplace.



Co-organizers:: Layerjeva hiša, Galerija Prešernovih nagrajencev, Prešernovo gledališče Kranj, Mutunk (ZavodO)

Co-sponzored: Zavod Carnica


Workshops Self-portrait from clay for blind and partially sighted, Clay sculpturing in the dark, Sound -tactile potentials of ceramics and Forest gallery Brother Dwarf took place as a part of project Mutunk- Moja ustvarjalnost, tvoja ustvarjalnost, naša kultura and are co-sponzored by Europian Social Fund and Slovenian Ministry of Culture. Workshops are intented also for invisible groups and they encourage them to do creative work.


All workshops require application. Admission for non- free workshops is made at Layer cafe. Applications and more information: