BANKSY, thank you for the flowers @ Layer House, Kranj, Slovenia 
Banksy Exhibiton
May 31 – September, 28, 2016


World-famous and by far the most successful guerrilla sprayer known by the name Banksy and described as “The King of Urban Art”, “modern urban Zorro” and “The Modern Picasso” is chased by everybody. The police, the collectors, the public. His works were exhibited in the city of Kranj, city that become an urban street art centre for a glimpse of time, in the summer of 2016.

In the aesthetic world of the globalised centre, one can meet Banksy on almost every step – and in spite of that (or just because of it) Banksy remains a big question mark in a society in which there is such a hyperinflation of various forms of commodities and their aesthetic incorporation of into each pore of our everyday life, determined by the neoliberalism endorsed by national states: Banksy remains by far the most recognised anonymous street artist.
In a world that is infused with our society of the spectacle, in the urbanised everyday life where one cannot escape perpetual surveillance, in the informatical cybernetic spine flooded with examples of criminalised whistleblowers and countless (self)portraits of sexualised bodies, there is, despite of all of that, this lack of Banksy's identity, his unknown actual name. His signature stands in the place of this mystery; and exactly the aura of his signature is causing the growth of the numbers – numbers regarding the prices of his auctioned works and of the real estate properties on which he left his mark, as well as numbers regarding the amount of articles about him, exhibitions, fans and antagonists. You will have the opportunity to see the paradoxical and notorious street art alchemist with your own eyes, you will be touched by (but you won't touch) his exhibited and signed creations that were taken from the streets or made on movable media.
The exhibition will be accompanied by various installations, each one dealing with Banksy in its own way: the installation entitled Layer Banksy is a visual mapping in the Layer room by Jakob Drmota and Domen Dolenc, Moving Graffiti by the Serbian artist ABVH is transforming Banksy's graffiti into a few seconds long dynamic GIF formats and finally a 10 minutes long excerpt from the film Style Wars 2 by the Slovenian-Swiss team Veli and Amos.
6 € adults
5 € reduced
Available at Layer House, online:, in "trafika 3DVA" and at the Main Bus Station Ljubljana.
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 7 pm
Sunday: 4 pm - 7 pm
Mondays: closed

Production: Layer House / Layerjeva hiša, Tomšičeva 32, Kranj / Zavod Carnica

Consulting: Sandi Abram


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Layer House is an urban cultural art centre in Kranj, Slovenia. Established in 2011 and named after the baroque painter Leopold Layer the House carries on his name and work and reshapes his image. Legend has it that Leopold manually falsified banknotes when commissions were low during Napoleon times, got caught and sent to jail. This unconventional life of the patron of the house has given the place it’s very special touch and gave us a good foundation to draw parallels between Banksy and him.

Today the Layer House is a lively cultural centre managed by an NGO Zavod Carnica that organizes 300 art/music/film events per year and runs a lovely coffee house. 





Buy a ticket for the exhibiton already on the Ljubljana Central Bus Station and get a free limonade or elderflower juice at the caffe of Layer House. The Alpetour and Arriva companies offer you 10 % discount on return ticket.



Come to Kranj with a train! With a train ticket of Slovenske železnice you can get reduced exhibition ticket (for 5 €).


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